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We are a family-owned company specializing in women’s fashion-design clothing. When we were children, our mothers taught us how to sew and reminded us that clothes should be neat and simple and that we should not spend too much time choosing what to wear. Having spent a peaceful childhood with my mother, when we became adults, each of us had a different view on fashion, and then my sister suggested that we should design our own clothes according to each person’s style and sell them together. We are focusing on selling online on our website and operating together under the company FS SERVICE TRADING COMPANY LTD.

We appreciate simplicity in design and wish to serve ladies who love minimalist fashion style. Our collection mainly includes women’s dresses, shirts, pants, and business suits.

Hope can serve you!


Address: 2208 Avenue P, Tahoka, TX 79373, United States.

Email: support@3rhome.com

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